Sunday, November 15, 2015

Reading, Writing and Quilting Too

Life can get pretty exciting at times. And I love it! I have been invited to join a small creative group of some pretty amazing women and we have been assigned to read this book. I started it last night and could hardly put it down. It is so me! Wow, to think it is a best seller and there are so many of us creative people all struggling with the same issues, challenges simply blows my mind.

 See this little minion?  I did a minion mug rug tutorial over here, and had an absolute blast doing it. It was for a week long series on denim and how to use it in quilts.  You can check out a quilt pattern with denim here or another one here. See below for the EQ7 version of the quilt.

I was having some fun making some stockings for a giveaway I was invited to participate in and had them up on my social media. One friend liked them so much that she asked for three for her family. I was able to whip them up in an afternoon. The fabric is one of my all time favorites at Riley Blake Fabrics and is one of their constant collections. I used mini pompoms and jumbo ric rac to give a little embellishment to two of them.  The dad didn't get any embellishments=)

Lastly, I thought you would enjoy seeing a beautiful sunrise here on my island in Canada. 

Thursday, November 5, 2015

Published and Free Block Patterns!

What a great few weeks it has been!

I received my copy of 'Where Women Create' and they did an absolutely amazing job of the article I am in.
I had a local photographer come over, Peter Baumgarten, who is so talented and took hundreds of pictures of me and my studio, and of course my quilts.  WWC was so accommodating, allowing me to choose my favourite photos. 

Janome is doing 100 quilt blocks in 50 days with Michael Miller.  
This summer, I was invited to participate and lovely fat quarters showed up at my door step, with the basis of creating 6 1/2" blocks and writing a pattern up for them. 
I was lucky enough to have 2 accepted to this fun adventure.   The best part is you can download the patterns for all of the 100 blocks!
Diagonal Diva

Match the Patch Block

Thursday, October 22, 2015

100 Quilt Blocks in 50 Days!

Solid modern colours, free patterns, fun blocks, what more can you ask for?
Janome and Michael Miller Fabrics have paired up to offer us 100 free quilt block patterns in 50 days!  Free!

They have only released 6 blocks at the time of writing this post, but you can either sign up by email to get two free block patterns delivered right to your inbox, or go and check it out online!

All the blocks are a finished size of 6" x 6" and can be downloaded.
Check out Canadian quilter Heather McArthur's block 'Spinning Star'.

Now what has me really excited, is that I was invited to contribute and I have 2 blocks being released in the next week! We were sent a collection of solid fabric from Michael Miller Fabrics and could use one or all of them.  I simply had to use them all as they were so beautiful. I also couldn't just make one block so submitted two and was lucky enough that they chose both!

Even though I can't show them to you until they are released, I will give you a sneak peak.

Check back in a week, as soon as they are released I will be shouting it out!

Thursday, October 8, 2015

6 Free Tutorials on Flowers for Quilts

You heard it right!  I am showing tutorials on my 3D flowers over at the Quilt Social blog this whole week!  How cool is that?  These little flowers are fast and easy to make, the only way I quilt=) Take a look at what you can create for your next quilt!

Check out how I can make hexies in under 15 seconds flat!

Enjoy making these and let me know where you use them. They are super cute on a quilt or quilted handbag, shirt, head band or wherever you can find a spot!

Thanks Quilt Social for letting me drop by and showcase my flower tutorials for your quilters!

Sunday, September 27, 2015

Having Fun with Fabric

I have been doing quite a bit of playing lately. Mostly with fabric, but also with social media!
I have discovered I am quite enjoying learning about social media marketing.

I have 6 projects on the go.. but they are all secret at the moment. Which is so frustrating as I want to show them to you really bad!

How about some sneak peaks?

Love a little free motion loops to create tiny little flowers. White on white creates a soft playful background!

You bet I am using ric rac!  Do you love my colorful leaves? 

I have been studying social media marketing, well gone back to school I mean. I look after social media for 2 businesses, one local, and one national. 
It is a pile of work, but I love it so much that figured I had better learn from the pros. Here is a fun little photo I created, with some of my favorite sayings so far:

If you are on twitter, I am found@jackiewhite121 or on  Instagram at JackiesArtQuilts.

Seeing as I can't show anyone what I am up to, I can show you my latest purchase!  These are my official Quilt Canada 2016 shows.   Our national quilt conference, in Canada is going to be simply WILD this year. So I wanted to be ready. You can find the shoes here. Tell her I sent you if you want to look as cool as me=)

Lastly, I did a little banana muffin baking at my grandparents farm, aka the happiest place on earth for me!

Well the super great thing is you won't have to wait to long before I can share some news.   

Take care!

Monday, September 7, 2015

Summer Fun of Quilts, Published and Tutorials!

Does the summer really translate to 'I am too busy quilting and enjoying family life to post?' Maybe this summer it did for me.

I have had some fun though.   It is such a thrill to see my quilts in print.  Here is my 'Falling Leaves' in Quilter's World magazine.  I designed it on EQ7 and used Riley Blake Fabrics and WonderFil thread to create it.

Then I got a little hooked on doing videos... but still have lots to learn, like turn the phone the other way!  The best part is my 2 sons, 10 and 11 years old were my camera men!

How to Make Hexies (hexagons) from Circles is a fantastic way to make hexagons if you are like me and don't like all the folding, gluing, pulling cardboard out type of gal!

How to Make a Travel Needle Case Holder is a super fast tutorial  from scraps.

In June I had put in my year as being President of Canada's national quilt association, and past and present board members gave me all these incredible blocks!

I just loved them so much, but as I am supposed to bring it back to the next Quilt Canada national conference all finished.. I had to put my spin on it!
What do you think?

I had this on my design wall thinking I would stitch it up as is, but the more I looked at it the more I didn't like the uniform of 1, 2,3, 4 I had created.   

I rearranged it all in a random pattern and stitched it back together. 

As you may know my hexies are just showing up in the most unusual places, here they are growing in my apple orchard!

Lastly, signing off with a view from my island.

Thursday, August 6, 2015

Hexies On The Farm Tutorial

I am back!  I finished two quilts today, they are off to the publisher so am super excited about that. And breathing a little sigh of relief as well.

My family has been heading up to my favourite place in the world each weekend - my grandparents farm. Last weekend, I decided that it would be fun to try a youtube video on my easy way to make hexies. My only problem is that I didn't have a camera man. In stepped my 10 year old son to do the job.

We did 3 takes and I love the last one. We even have cows photo bombing it!  How cool is that.
I hope you enjoy the video. 

If you follow me on facebook, Instagram or twitter, you will see that I love dropping my hexies in unique places, here they are growing from a shrub=)

See you soon!

Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Summer Time Fun

It has been a while!
It's not because I am not quilting, I really am, I just can't talk about it yet....
But I can give a sneak peek=) Yes that fabric is from Riley Blake... love their new lines.

In the meantime, my darling kids compete in dirt biking, so this weekend I was at the track, here is what I was doing during the slow times.

Still making my hexies....
I wrote a post for Craftsy on nature inspired quilts and did a bit of homework on it, take a look at this gorgeous flower.

Hope you are all enjoying your summer!

Friday, July 3, 2015

Solid is the New Me

Well, let's not get carried away!  I am working with alot of solids at the moment... but don't worry, my polka dots are not too far away.
For instance, my hexies are solids, modern solids I might add. I had to actually get a basket and name it my hexie basket.  And by golly, I am going to fill that basket!

Then a secret project arrived in the mail yesterday. I was expecting it and because it has a super duper fast turn around, I was up at 6 am creating. Here is a little teaser with the only hint I am allowed to give you #100QuiltBlocks.

Don't you just love all the beautiful colors in that pic? Trust me when I say, you will love this project. 

I also have put up a few more @Craftsy posts with some fun projects for you to take a look at. Here is one on free paper piecing patterns.  The other is really interesting on the top ten free quilting facts.

Chat soon, back to my hexie stitching and 2 more projects that I can't reveal just yet=)

Sunday, June 14, 2015

Quilt Canada Ended, New Journeys Begin

It has been a bit posting here, because I have been out to Alberta for almost two weeks then landed and drove directly to the hospital where my son had been rushed to with a serious concussion.  Thankfully he is on  the mend and I am now catching up on sleep=)

Our national conference hosted by the Canadian Quilters' Association took place a week ago.  This was the end of my term as President of this wonderful organization. I had the opportunity to emcee 3 events and had an absolute blast!

My trip out was a big of a long one so I packed my circles to make hexies with me.

I made some on the airplane.

My pile is getting bigger and bigger!

When I arrived, one of the board members fancied us up by cool nail stickers!

The University of Lethbridge welcomed us with open arms!

The Merchant Mall had so much eye candy!

I couldn't help but come home with a few treats!

One of the highlights was a quilter loved my 'Creative Cousin' column and wanted a picture with me.

I had the opportunity to give tours to high school and university students on behalf of CQA/ACC of the National Juried Show.   Here are the winners if you want to see some real talent in Canadian Quilters. This quilt I am talking about won Best of Show by quilter Judy Leslie.

The Canadian Quilters' Association even had a free tattoo parlour!

Bill Kerr was a highlight to the week giving a lecture on modern quilting.

Our annual fundraiser sponsored by Trend-Tex Fabrics was a blast, featured is winning quilt by Joanne Love.

CQA/ACC produces a small magazine of the National Juried show entrants and look what showed up in Janome's ad in the mag!
As President, I got to pick the cover quilt, which I just had to pick Jeannie Jenkins modern quilt!

 There is a small piece of my quilt!

On the back cover of the mag is my 'Rockin' the Rainbow' quilt!  I can't believe how far this quilt has gone....not all the secrets about this quilt have been released yet=)

It was an absolute blast and I look forward to Quilt Canada 2016 in Toronto Ontario. As I finish my term as President, I have some wonderful opportunities on the horizon that showed up shortly the conference ended and I look forward to pursuing them!  Yes, they are all quilt related=)